SQLite FMDB Batch / Bulk Inserts

I use FMDB framework to work with SQLite database on iOS. Sometimes you need to insert many rows, many objects that come from a server to your local database. It can take some time. When I was inserting rows one by one, the method took 50 seconds to finish inserting about 1300 rows. So I decided to find a faster solution.

And found it here. To insert many rows faster you should use transactions. It is very easy, you shouldn’t use complex approaches, like preparing huge SQL statements. I got 0.5 seconds as a result on iPhone 3GS. Here is more sophisticated approach to optimize insert of millions of rows, but it’s not my case, I’m satistfied with 0.5 second result.


This is a sample code:

I have a class RRRegion, which objects I am inserting. I open database, then begin a transaction, execute as many updates as I have objects and commit a transaction, close database.

I should mention, that when I was using caching of statements by FMDB, I got strange leak statement errors, so I don’t cache them. I don’t have this line:

This is how I measured the time it takes:

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