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MS Fortran Powerstation 4.0 “Preloaded symbol maynot match” problem during debug

I solved this problem and the solution is different from this one where it is recommended to check the order in which your libraries are loaded. If you encounter this message during debug of your program, you might have a bad directory name for your project.

For example, I had the following directory:

c:\Аспирантура\LACW_CYL\lacw_cyl 3.14\.

As you see, there are some non ASC II letters in this path. I didn’t actually know what to do, when I got that problem, but when I changed my folder name, this helped me and I am very glad, because now I can use my MS Fortran Powerstation 4.0 debugger and program nicely. Before that I even tried to install Intel and Compaq compilers but I didn’t like them, because they had their own problems, although may be they are better. So, I changed my folder to this one, and that worked out:

c:\Aspirantura\LACW_CYL\lacw_cyl 3.14\